Mystery Black Hole Appears to Have Hurled a Star Across the Milky Way

Source: Newsweek
The scientists
found a so-called “runaway star,” dubbed PG 1610+062, located in the
outer halo of the Milky Way—a vast region which surrounds the galaxy—far
away from its star-forming regions.

Typically, the halo contains
some of the galaxy’s oldest stars and researchers had previously thought
that PG 1610+062 was one of these with a mass around half that of our
sun’s. However, observations with the W. M. Keck Observatory revealed
that the star is surprisingly young and ten times more massive than the

Top Democrats discussed ‘Medicare for All’ at Houston debate, but what about healthy food for all?


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These 2 Stocks Obtained Crushed by the Market At the unique time — Are They Now Buys? – Motley Fool

An analyst downgrade and a plan of uninspiring outcomes drove down this pair of stock market mainstays.
Basically speaking, Thursday used to be an up day for the stock market. But you wouldn’t know that from the efficiency of two old companies on the exchange, pharmacy chain operator Rite Relieve (NYSE:RAD) and longtime tech stock popular Oracle (NYSE:ORCL).

Another high-flying, heavily funded AR headset startup is shutting down – TechCrunch

While Apple and Microsoft strain to sell augmented reality as the next major computing platform, many of the startups aiming to beat them to the punch are crashing and burning.
Daqri, which built enterprise-grade AR headsets, has shuttered its HQ, laid off many of its employees and is selling off assets ahead of a shutdown, former employees and s close to the company tell TechCrunch.

Choosing Right Market for Your Startup

By Blogtrepreneur
When floating a startup, one of the major decisions is to target the right market. Even the most brilliant idea can flop if it doesn’t find the right market to expand and evolve.
Packing the wrong market means making efforts for a product or service that simply won’t sell and keep investing money in a business that won’t be scalable. Hence, one should never ignore a vital decision that goes with any startup, and it is choosing the target market.

Yahoo Japan says it aims to buy Zozo for $3.7 billion

TOKYO (Reuters) – Yahoo Japan Corp said on Thursday it aims to buy 50.1% online fashion retailer Zozo Inc for about 400 billion yen ($3.70 billion), as it looks to better compete in e-commerce against rivals such as Inc and Rakuten Inc.
Zozo founder Yusaku Maezawa will sell around 30% of his 37% stake in a tender offer to Yahoo Japan and step down as CEO of the company, which has struggled following a series of botched initiatives by the flamboyant billionaire. Zozo has a market value of around 680 billion yen, according to Refinitiv data.

BIG + Heatherwick Studio’s Google Campus roof canopy unveiled

<img src="" border="0" />Construction on the long-anticipated <a href="" >Google Charleston East HQ</a> is making steady progress.


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