Here’s Why You Should Make More Frenemies at Work

It sounds wild: Advising you to make frenemies at work? What could possibly be the benefit? It sounds so conniving, karma is sure to haunt you! Relax. I’m not talking about an actual enemy, just a frenemy. defines “frenemy” as “a person or group that is friendly toward another because the relationship brings benefits, but harbors feelings of resentment or rivalry.” Now, I’m not suggesting you hold grudges or grow resentful – that is poison, both personally and professionally. But there are real benefits to having a good relationship with someone who’s also a real rival.

Colorado boy, 5, stages ‘Up’-themed birthday photoshoot with great-grandparents

GREELEY, Colo. – A Colorado boy has paid tribute to his favorite movie with a photoshoot.
Elijah Perman, 5, is a huge fan of the 2009 Pixar classic “Up.” His mother, part-time photographer Rachel Perman, says her son is “obsessed” with the movie.
When Elijah and his twin sister Emilee turned 5 recently, Rachel decided to do what she called “magical shoots” for their birthday.

263 – What to Buy in September – Score More Event Deals in Your City – Most Important Love Letter to Your Family – Be Your Own Boss in the Health Care Industry

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