AI photo editor FaceApp goes viral again on iOS, raises questions about photo library access

FaceApp. So. The app has gone viral again after first doing so two years ago or so. The effect has gotten better but these apps, like many other one off viral apps, tend to come and go in waves driven by influencer networks or paid promotion. We first covered this particular AI photo editor  from a team of Russian developers about two years ago.

Schoolboy tied in a plastic bag gets dragged across a muddy river in Vietnam to get to school dry

Shocking footage shows schoolboy tied in a plastic bag being dragged across a muddy river in Vietnam to get to school dry

A young schoolboy has to get tied up in a plastic bag and dragged to school through a raging muddy river to get to the classroom dry. 
He is one of 50 pupils who live in the remote Huoi Ha village, in northern Vietnam, which experiences flooding every year. 
Although bamboo rafts are usually used to cross the river, the flooding turns the river into a tumultuous torrent and the plastic bags have to be used. 

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FaceApp’s trending new aging filter has people comparing AI-aged photos of themselves with their parents’ photos. Using neural networks, the app guesses where you’ll wrinkle, where your hairline will recede to, and what parts of your face will sag over the years. 
Twitter users compared their FaceApp selfies with photos of their actual parents, or posed next to them. For many — most of whom are men — the results are uncanny. 

Curiosity rover is seen creeping up a rugged Martian mountain

Smoke is rising over the forests of Alaska and Siberia.
The World Meteorological Organization called the wildfires now burning around the Arctic “unprecedented.” The United Nations agency noted that over 100 intense fires burned in the Arctic Circle alone over the past six weeks, releasing more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than Sweden does in an entire year. 
A rare fire even ignited in Greenland, amid unusually hot and dry weather.

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