Brazil’s Bolsonaro: Make South America Great Again – Washington Post

Brazil’s Bolsonaro: Make South America Great Again  Washington Post
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is urging his South American colleagues to borrow a slogan from America’s Donald Trump and focus on making their own …
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Georgia Tech’s ant-sized micro-robots move through vibration

The above image is a shot of Georgia Tech’s latest robot posed next to a penny. The 3D printed bot is roughly two millimeters in length — or about the size of the world’s smallest ants, per the school. The tiny devices are designed to move using vibration from a variety of s, ranging from ultrasound to more traditional speakers.

Getting Recruitment Right: A Guide For Small Businesses

Small or large, getting the right people recruited to work in your business is always crucial to success. Of course, the fewer employees you have, the more each one will impact on your company.
Something that makes it particularly important for smaller businesses to find the right people. Happily, there are strategies you can use to maximize the chances of doing this.
Read on to find out what they are.
Don’t leave recruitment until the last minute

10 tips to keep your immune system in tip top shape while travelling

Traveling can be exciting, but it can expose you to a slew of germs and bacteria. Just getting into an aeroplane puts you at risk because of the shared surfaces and recycled air. According to statistics, a whopping one in five people gets either a cold or the flu after a flight – not a fun prospect. 


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