Voters in Chesterfield Can Count on Senator Amanda Chase to be an Independent Voice

Blogger Sanders says: Vote Chase this Election Day!
I read with interest about the successful effort by the Chesterfield GOP Committee to expel State Senator Amanda Chase. This Times-Dispatch article has the leading positions of each side.
The position of the GOP Committee:
The Friday letter told Chase there was a requirement that no member of the Republican committee publicly support any candidate running against a Republican nominee. Leonard faces independent candidate Rahn Kersey, a retired sergeant with the Virginia Division of Capitol Police.The letter said Chase promoted Kersey’s candidacy through Facebook and public statements, including a comment from Chase in a Chesterfield Observer news story in which she said Kersey was “more of a Republican” than Leonard.
Senator Chase’s position:
She said Leonard began the feud with her, saying he “made the first step on not endorsing me.”Chase was referring to a Facebook post Leonard made this spring after Chase posted a photo of herself at an event with Chesterfield sheriff’s deputies.***Chase put in another good word for Kersey in the interview on Monday, saying he is a “great Republican” and conservative Christian who opposes “sanctuary cities.”
Turning to the now infamous alleged incident at the KW Tea Party (obviously an attempt at humor at worst), Senator Chase took the side of transparency (scroll down a bit on the KW Tea Party website) on the issue of county EDA abuse (Here’s my background on this):
Chase, the staunchly conservative, 2nd Amendment advocating host of a weekly radio townhall who calls herself “just a mom from Chesterfield,” detailed her opposition to poorly-supervised Economic Development Authorities. Characterizing EDAs as “a shadow government of unelected people with no Constitutional authority to be spending our tax dollars,“ she emphasized that “I’m for business, but not for government picking winners and losers.” Taking action, Chase introduced a bill to eliminate EDAs, but when it immediately ran into a wall of opposition from vested interests including key Republicans and Democrats, “I said well, I must be on to something here.” Asked what citizens can do to fix the problem, Chase offered two possibilities. “There needs to be a statewide referendum so taxpayers can make their voices heard. Also, a right way to do economic development is in the bill I proposed that lowers Virginia’s corporate income tax from six percent to two and a half percent. That’s equitable for everyone instead of the government giving Amazon a subsidy and not giving one to the small mom and pop businesses.”
I say Preach it, Sister! Why the Chesterfield Republican Committee wanted to take this action just before an election says this: Chase is doing and/or saying things somebody does not like. I would think as a Chesterfield voter I would say: Senator Chase is watching out for me and the taxpayers and SOMEBODY does not like that. Chase stood up to her party. My advice to her campaign: Run those ads! She will be an independent voice for the people.
Of course Sanders the Blogger endorses Senator Amanda Chase.